Multimodal logistics

The main goal of the logistic department of BLN Consulting is on-time shipment of your goods to the destination point with minimum costs. Our long-term experience of work in this trade allows us to conclude that the minimization of transportation costs and delivery time can considerably improve the competitive positions of company on the market. Therefore the prime criterions of our service are delivery flexibility, high-speed processing of shipment and safety of goods. Competence and professionalism of our team is your ticket to success and fruitful cooperation.

Our logistic department offers a wide range of services:


BLN Consulting efficiently executes container transportation of all kinds of goods from ports of China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Thailand, America as well as from European ports (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Finnland etc.).

  • FCL = Full Container Load
  • LCL = Less Container Load
  • 20, 40 Dry Cube, High Cube, Palette Wide,Flat Rack , Open Top, Refrigerator, Tanc
  • consolidation of goods
  • transshipmment and securing of goods
  • cargo marking, segregation and weighting
  • wide range of custom services in ports (import, export, transit)

Thanks to our business contacts with shipping companies, we can find for you the appropriate freight rates for international overseas transportation.

BLN Consulting carries out the international transportation by truck of all kinds of goods from Europe and other countries. In order to adjust supply to demand of our customers/contractors, all types of vehicular transportation can be provided: container truck, vehicle curtain 80 m3, 92 m3, 120 m3, jumbo 100 m3 and  isotherm trucks.

All supplies are executed in close cooperation with reliable and responsible business partners of BLN Consulting. Consolidation as well as warehousing on stocks of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland is an integral part of the business of multilogistic department.

We also offer the confirming paper work services of any complexity, organize the loading of cargo according to rules of fastening of cargoes (marking, cargo segregation and weighting) and provide services for completion of customs formalities.

BLN Consulting provides global air freight forwarding services including trans-border, forwarding and cargo air transport, which belongs to the most comfortable and  fastest way of goods delivery.

The major specialization of company is the delivery of goods from USA and Asia to Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe. Please choose the delivery terms of 1-3 or till 5 working days and transport goods worldwide with tracking possibility of goods in any distribution phase of supply. 

BLN Consulting executes also oversized and heavy cargo transportation. All bulky or heavy loads, which are unable to deliver by key traffic such as closed highway vehicle or container due to their overweight, extra sizes or specific features, belong to the out-of-gauge cargo. Every oversized transportation operation is special and requires the development of individual circulation plan. The circulation plan is specified in documents for each transportation separately.

Depending on the specific features of oversized loads we prepare an optimal circulation plan in accordance with requirements presented in the delviery contract.

BLN Consulting provides fast and easy customs clearance as at the point of origin of supplies (export) as at the place of arrival of supplies (import). We offer consulting and support services for performance of the customs formalities relating to the delivery of goods and transportation across the border including customs processing of inward cargo, customs declaration, re-issue of customs documentation and logistic support in case of customs regime alteration.

The efficiency of our consulting and forwarding services in the area of documentary transaction support, cargo insurance as well as transport and warehouse logistic means that our clients achieve the maximum advantage in the transportation of goods and become a reliable partner of their business.



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