Plasma Group International consolidates the experience and developments of the companies: Plasma Air Systems Corporation OÜ (hereinafter PASC), ECOCOAL s.r.o., Technological Institute of Plasma Application s.r.o., Quasery GmbH and BLN Consulting OÜ, with a primary purpose of solving the problems related to air purification at enterprises, plants and factories using the technology of gas discharge cold plasma catalysis PlazKat. Plasma-catalytic air purification systems are a cutting-edge solution for effectively addressing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in industrial processes. Plasma-catalytic system PlazKat combines plasma activation and catalytic reaction to efficiently treat VOCs, transforming them into harmless compounds or completely degrading them. Furthermore, plasma-catalytic technology consumes significantly less energy, reducing operational costs.

The compact size of our equipment secures easy integration into existing production processes without extensive structural modifications. Thermal regeneration of sorbent is performed on-site that allows to increase significatnly the lifespan and performance of equipment as well as to reduce the operational expences.

The equipment is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in extreme industrial conditions, and is applicable in various industrial sectors, including oil refineries, painting lines of large and medium-sized enterprises, municipal and local wastewater treatment plants. The aluminum oxide catalyst provides high activity and efficiency in treating VOCs of various compositions and low concentrations, ensuring effective air purification and compliance with environmental standards.

PlazKat technology helps to reduce operational costs through its low energy consumption and extended sorbent lifespan. The compact design optimizes space utilization within production facilities. During definition of equipment configuration, an individual approach is applied to each client considering its demands and requirements. At the project implementation stage, consulting support, design, installation, and maintenance of equipment are provided.

Plasma-catalytic systems PlazKat play a significatn role in reducing the anthropogenic impact on environment. Effective VOC treatment improves air quality within environmental regulations that compliance maintains a healthy atmosphere and allows industries to reduce environmental fees.

Plasma Group International also offers the industrial tests of PlazKat equipment directly at the production site. During the test, PlazKat specialists take measurements at the entrance and exit of test equipment. The technical report is issued after completion of the tests and contains recommendations on optimal equipment configuration based on the technological process results.

Plasma Group International is also an expert in industrial wastewater treatment and offers comprehensive solutions for businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability. One of the most promising and advanced methods of water treatment is ozone water purification. It enables the oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds, neutralization of harmful impurities, deodorization, and discoloration of water. By employing ozone-based water purification complexes, operational costs can be minimized. Ozone, utilized in the purification process, is a potent oxidant capable of destroying microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, their spores, and cysts. It acts rapidly, delivering results within minutes, while eliminating unpleasant odors and avoiding the formation of toxic by-products.

PlazKat installations are widely used across various industries, including chemical manufacturing, oil and gas production, pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymers processing, coatings production, printing, metallurgy and metal processing, wood processing, food production, and wastewater treatment plants.


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