Thermal Incinerator (TI)

Thermal Incinerator (TI) belongs to the classic technology for the purification of volatile organic compounds (VOC). During the treatment process in TI polluted by VOC exhaust air is transferred into tube bundle heat exchanger in a cross current flow by centrifugal fan. Onward the pre-heated exhaust air flows into the combustion chamber where VOC are burned to carbon dioxide and water.

Special equipment installed in the combustion chamber guarantees the homogene heating up of air flow and adjusts the corresponding retention time in the chamber depending on the parameters of exhaust air (VOC concentration, flow rate etc.).

Thermal Incinerator (TI)
Schematic illustration of the process in TI
Exhaust air flow 21.000 Nm3/h
Pollutant type, VOC White Spirit / Phthalates
Pollutant  heating value 41.900 kJ/kg
Pollutant concentration  1 – 8 g/Nm3
Exhaust air temperature 150 °C
Fuel type back-up burner Natural gas
Gas flow pressure 60 – 100 mbar
Oxidation temperature approx. 750 °C
Heat exchanger degree of efficiency 69  %
Gas consumption with 0/2/4 g/Nm³ solvent 164/116/66  Nm³/h
Gas consumption with 6/8 g/Nm³ solvent 16/< 10  Nm³/h
Average clean gas temperature ~350 °C
Remaining pollutant concentration total C < 20  mg/Nm3
Remaining pollutant concentration CO < 100  mg/Nm3
Remaining pollutant concentration NOx < 100  mg/Nm3
Electrical connection 380-410 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph +N
Electric power requirement exhaust air fan 58 kW
Total installed power consumption 80 kW
Length x Width  x Height approx. [m] 11,1 x 3,0x 3,15
Weight approx. 23 t
*data based on the TI type of VII 21.0, wallpaper industry


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